What Are The Best Online Dating Sites For Older People?

When online dating sites first started appearing, they carried a bit of a stigma. Most people thought it was a little strange to date people you would meet from the internet. Many people who did meet that way were reluctant to truthfully answer the question, “How did you two meet?”

But eventually the stigma wore off. Even so, for a long time, online dating sites were geared for younger singles, mostly in their twenties. This was true from both the marketing and advertising the sites did, as well as the vast majority of people that used those sites. After all, these are the people that grew up with the internet, they were more open to it and they seemed the logical target market.

But as time went by and internet dating became more accepted, companies realized they were missing out on an entire group of people that might benefit from online dating. However, they would have to be marketed to in a different way. They weren’t looking for “hookups” or to see how many people they could date.

No, the older demographic was looking for a real connection with someone who had similar life experiences. These were people that didn’t have time to meet people in the more traditional sense. Or, for that matter, the opportunity, whether it was because of their job, or even kids from a previous marriage.

Most fifty somethings weren’t interested in going out to clubs or bars to meet people. So, eventually dating sites targeted to older people started showing up.

While not directly targeted toward older people, the first online dating site to really be different and try and match up people that might really connect in the real world, was eHarmony.

eHarmony wasn’t set up in the same ‘digital meet market’ way as most dating sites. You didn’t just sign up in a few minutes and throw up a profile and then start looking at pictures for someone you thought was attractive. No, eHarmony took you through an extensive personality profile that had a lot of scientific research behind it and then tried to match you up with potentially the right people.

This appealed more to an older demographic. Eventually more and more sites arrived that were specifically for older people.

One of the better online dating sites for older people is one called SeniorMatch.com Senior Mate is geared toward the fifty and older crowd, and has over 3.8 million verified users! It’s layout and design is very user friendly, something else that’s important to the older crowd. It also has some unique features that help connect people that could potentially be a good match.

Another great option is a site called AgelessFish.com. Ageless Fish, besides the catchy name, also has a very large verified user count of approximately 2.8 million members. It also says it’s for the 45 and older crowd.

Ageless Fish has been around for over 14 years and bills itself as the first and oldest online dating site for older people. It’s well worth setting up a profile.

A few other great sites for older people include SeniorPeopleMeet.com with over 1.5 million members and SeniorsMeet.com with over half a million users.

If you’re part of the older crowd, it’s definitely worth your time to check out all of the above sites as they are some of the best online dating sites available for older people.

Good luck!