Male Sex Toys

Sex toys are often thought of as women’s territory, but if you think this way, you’ll be seriously missing out! The average man can be a bit squeamish when it comes to adult toys. Everyone likes pleasure, but men tend to have simpler preferences when it comes to exploring sexuality.

It’s easy to forget that there are countless ways to enjoy the vast world of sexual sensations beyond masturbation or ordinary intercourse. There’s a vast sea of device and gadgets that work with your preferences to take your pleasure to whole new level.

Whether you want anal stimulation or just something to take your ordinary jerk-off sessions to the next level, you should consider adding a sex toy to your life. Our sex positive society means an ever-growing market for male adult toys, which results in improved quality, shape, and design in these products.

I’ll cover some of the benefits of regular masturbation, followed by some categories of male sex toys to consider.

Advantages of Masturbation for Men

Male masturbation provides many advantages and will rarely harm your physical health unless you’re doing it too much or using too much force. Let’s look at some of these below:

May Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

Some evidence suggests that masturbating on a regular basis could reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer. This is because ejaculation flushes carcinogens out of the prostate gland and reduces the buildup of seminal fluid in the body.

Releases Tension and Stress

When you give yourself the gift of sexual pleasure, dopamine is released in your body. This hormone increases your sense of well-being. During orgasm, endorphins are also released to make you feel good and stabilize your moods. Both dopamine and endorphins lower your blood pressure, as well, which is an extra bonus.

Safe and Hassle-Free

Masturbation, unlike sex, comes with no risk of getting potentially dangerous or life-altering sexually transmitted diseases. It’s also free from hassle because you don’t have to put in the effort of seeking out and hooking up with a partner. You can do it any time you want and as often as you prefer, unlike sex.

Can Improve Relationships

Sexual compatibility is an issue for many couples, especially when you have a higher libido than your partner. So, masturbation can be a great help because it gives you a chance to fulfill your sexual urges when your partner doesn’t feel like having sex.

Masturbation can also give you a chance to get to know what you like in bed, which you can share with them for an improved sex life. Your partner might even be interested in watching you masturbate so they can learn about what brings you the most pleasure.

Delayed Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a common issue for men, and masturbation can help with it. When you use sex toys, you can become more aware of how your body feels just before climax. Then, you can use this knowledge to last longer in bed by delaying ejaculation with practice.

Improved Self-Awareness

When you masturbate regularly, you become familiar with your body in an intimate way that makes you more knowledgeable about yourself. This can help improve your self-awareness and sexual health because you’ll be likelier to notice if something feels off. Then, you can seek out advice or medical attention if need be.

Types of Male Sex Toys

If you’ve decided to take your sexuality to the next level by looking into adult toys for men, it’s time to decide which kind you want. Below, I’ll cover some common categories of adult toys for guys:


Male masturbators (also known as strokers) offer a variety of intense sensations for men and are a great pick for guys who have issues with manual dexterity. Many models come with textured internal sleeves that vibrate to create waves of pleasure while you use them.

These toys are often waterproof, rechargeable (so the batteries don’t die at a crucial moment) and made with body-safe materials. Many guys prefer to use masturbators over typical masturbation because they stimulate your nerve endings in a way that your hand simply can’t.

Male masturbators are a good pick for a first-time toy as they feel great, don’t cost much, and are easy to use and clean. You can pick a masturbator with a realistic appearance that looks like a vagina or mouth, or a non-anatomical design if you prefer that.

Cock Rings

Cock rings function by restricting the flow of blood back to your penis, which helps it stay harder for longer. These toys are favored by men with erectile dysfunction and work best if you can get a partial erection first. If you have trouble with this, you can use a penis pump before slipping on the ring.

Some men use cock rings to make their penis appear slightly larger, but keep in mind that it won’t cause a drastic difference. Make sure you get the right size for you as wearing one that’s too tight can cause unpleasant swelling and discomfort. You should only wear one for 20-minute sessions at a time.

If you want to use a cock ring with your female partner, you can get a vibrating model that will provide tantalizing clitoral stimulation for her during sex. If you have trouble getting the ring off, you can use some lube to make it easier.

These toys come in many different materials, but I recommend getting a flexible option since they are easier to use. Always wash your cock ring after using it to keep everything sanitary.

Butt Plugs

Due to stereotypes in American culture, a lot of straight men are hesitant about exploring anal play. However, it’s perfectly natural to enjoy stimulation in this area regardless of your sexual orientation. You might feel intimidated to explore this territory if you’re new to it, which is totally understandable.

But if you’re curious, using a small butt plug is a great place to start with anal play. Butt plugs can be worn during sex or masturbation to enhance sensation. You may notice that your orgasms feel much more intense with a butt plug inserted.

These toys come in a wide variety of sizes, though I mention starting with the smallest one you can find if you’re inexperienced. You can also get them in many different types of materials. Body-safe silicone is always a good place to start. For safety reasons, you should avoid wearing a butt plug for more than a couple hours at a time.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are vibrating toys that are specifically shaped to hit your prostate (also known as your “P-spot.”) If you’re a newbie in this area, it’s crucial that you choose a smaller toy that is beginner friendly.

It’s important that you use toys that are designed for anal play if you decide to experiment with this as they will have a flared base. A flared base prevents the toy from getting sucked up into your anal area, which can be dangerous.

If you, like many other guys, are off put by the idea of anal stimulation, you may want to reconsider. Not only is prostate massage healthy, but it can deliver orgasms that are more intense than an ordinary climax could ever be.

The most important factor when it comes to this type of stimulation is relaxation. If you decide to use a prostate massager, begin with a self-massage or a nice warm bath. Next, you’ll want to get yourself nice and aroused.

I recommend using silicone lube with your prostate toy and putting a towel beneath you to prevent staining your sheets with the lubricant.

Anal Toys for Men and Lubricant

When you’re doing any type of anal play, using enough lube is absolutely crucial. Lubricant makes everything slippery, so insertion is easier and there’s no uncomfortable friction present. Keep in mind that the anus doesn’t lubricate naturally like the vagina or mouth, so you have to supply it yourself.

You may have heard warnings about trying anal because it feels painful. But the only reason it would feel painful is not using enough lubricant. I recommend using a silicone-based product as it will last for much longer than water-based options, which absorb more easily into the tissues of the anus.

Ready to Try a Male Sex Toy?

As you can see, you have plenty of fun options to choose from for your first male sex toy. Starting with a masturbator is a good idea since they don’t cost much and are very easy to use. Don’t forget to use plenty of lubricant and have a great time!